At Healing Spirit Animal Wellness Center, we provide a variety of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment options to help manage acute and chronic pain in our veterinary patients.

In addition to conventional medications, herbal, and homeopathic medicines, we offer acupuncture, therapeutic laser, spinal adjustments, and pulsed electromagnetic therapy.

Chronic pain, in particular, is usually attributed to multiple factors. For example, achy joints due to osteoarthritis may be associated with stiffness resulting from lack of lubrication and cushioning, as well as pain due to inflammation. Compensating for a weak or painful limb places excessive stress on other parts of the body, often causing back pain due to muscle spasm or leading to overuse injuries elsewhere.

We have seen the greatest improvement in our patients when we address various aspects of these complex problems simultaneously.

As an integrative practice, we are able to offer a combination of therapeutic modalities to best meet each patient’s individual needs.